Three simple steps to the best skin

Balance, Boost, Rejuvenate

Support the skin's rhythm and conditions


In today’s busy lifestyle we are under constant attack from the elements, pollution, dirt and other noxious elements. Luckily for us, our skin has a built-in defence mechanism known as the dermal barrier. This wall-like structure has two main functions; it keeps impurities out and it impedes water from exiting. In other words; it keeps the bad stuff out and the good stuff in… However, keeping your body shielded at all times takes a heavy toll on the dermis, which will weaken as essential fatty acid, vitamin and mineral reserves are depleted.



PH is the measurement of a surface’s acidity. In the case of our skin, a high level of acidity is best - around 5.5 – as it helps fend off unwanted elements, such as bacteria and fungi, and the oil levels - associated with this acidity level - prevent water from exiting the body. 
External factors, our diet and even the harsh chemicals in some cleansing products can change our skin’s normal PH levels, allowing unwelcomed microorganisms to enter our bodies and dehydrating us. Choose to re-balance your complexion with Moana Oil and Serum combo a totally natural, PH balanced and certified organic product from a line that is clinically proven to defend your skin from water-loss for up to 60 hours upon final application!*


By consuming a healthy diet we are fuelling the needs of our entire body but replenishing our skin’s lost nutrients is just as important! Topical skincare is a targeted, effective and quick way of feeding your skin from the outside in. For this purpose, Moana has developed several Serums and moisturisers that help replenish essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and naturally occurring peptides so you can boost your skin’s natural defences.


Constantly defending your body against impurities and trying to hold on to water reserves can have a visible impact on your skin’s appearance, leaving you with a complexion that looks dull, lacklustre and tired. Moana’s Oil and Instant Lifting Mask combo rejuvenates your skin in under 15 minutes by hydrating, nourishing and smoothing out your skin for an instant face-lift that won’t hurt your skin or your wallet.

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