Our story

”When I was a kid my skin was troubled. I had acne and scares. The other children bullied me. When I grew up I had a dream about creating a skin care product that could help other people that struggled with the same problems that I did."  Nina, Founder

When formulating Moana products we wanted to create a product that would be suitable for sensitive and allergy prone individuals, as well as all other skin types. We have achieved this by making Moana gentle and non-invasive skin care you can trust. We believe that our skin care range will benefit you well beyond any other traditional one, so with that in mind, naturally and with love, we invite you to the world of Moana.

The founder of Moana Skincare share an interest in holistic wellness, natural skincare and a passion for New Zealand's  clean green beauty. Having extensive experience in business, health, beauty and science, a quest began to discover how the combination of all these elements could lead to a topical skincare range that delivered results and wellbeing benefits to mankind. 

Intensive research led to the discovery of Rongoa- a traditional form of medicine practiced by Maori tribes. This ancient discipline treats the spirit as well as the body and it is centred around New Zealand's powerful and rare botanical extracts.

Having found the healing elements they were looking for, a new era of skincare was launched. A skincare in which science, nature and tradition become one.

”Beeing able to create a unique skin care line, 95% organic with well documentet effect is a great pleasure for me. And beeing able to help people with skin troubles. That’s the biggest reward”

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